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We offer Used Machines with Productivity and Warranty

Reference in quality in the market, Sincropet is manufacturer of new blowing machines for PET plastic bottles, whose blowing capacity starts from 2,400 bottles / hour until the solution to 19.200 bottles / hour. Sincropet offers "Used blowing machines for sale" of the Sidel ® brand, with guarantee by Sincropet; in the case of SBO 2 ™ / 2 fixed models, SBO ™3 / 6, SBO 4 ™ / 4 S1, SBO 2 ™ / 2 rotary, SBO 6/6 ™Brazilian, SBO 4/6 ™ Tour Eiffel; SBO 6/6 ™French; SBO 10 ™ / 10 S1; SBO 10 ™ / 14, SBO 12 ™; SBO 16 ™ / 16 S1. All these models are derived from the SBO 2 ™, SBO 4 ™, SBO 6 ™, SBO 10 ™, SBO 16 ™ and SBO 24 ™ models.

In its "Used blowing machines for sale" department, the company carries out rebuilding of blowing machines, and can budget for various items in new technology options, which can incorporate the reformed machine. This work keeps us motivated and attentive to the preservation of the environment and sustainability, seeking to reduce the environmental residue.

In the area of ​​"Used blowing machines for sale", the central focus is the search in the market of machines for sale. Sincropet can buy used or obsolete blowing machines, or accept them as a part of payment in exchange for a new blower. The company has know-how to dismantle and recover the structural parts, complete reassembly, increasing the useful life of the equipment through technological innovations, and then make it available for sale again.

Together with the "Used blowing machines for sale", Sincropet offers the design study of new bottles, in parallel equips the blower used to enable the blowing of this new bottle, efficient factory engineering, new concepts to improve the current packaging in manufacturing, sample handling and manufacturing of new molds to order. In this segment there is the possibility of optimizing the weights of the bottles, perfect distribution of thicknesses in the blow, adapting the blower to obtain a high bi orientation rate. We can accompany the customer with adequate suggestions of the blowing process in the piloting of manufactured molds. These services are offered to the customer, at no cost, at the time of purchase of our blowing machine.

Sincropet through its "Used blowing machines for sale" department rescues machines in all stages of use, to be reformed and recovered, as detailed below:

Used Blow Molding Machines.

  1. Used blowing machines in good condition - The "Used blowing machines for sale" department, analyzes the machine blowing bottles, organizes a report identifying the work required and the parts involved in the recovery. After this study, the company verifies the proposed purchase value, intending to acquire this machine, planning to reform it and make it available for sale.
  2. End-of-life blowing machines - They are those that are still operative, but are in an advanced stage of wear, operating in a risky way. In this situation, our "Used blowing machines" department performs the same analysis above, through a diagnostic visit of the engineers, who thoroughly evaluate the general mechanical and electronic conditions of this machine. After analyzing all sub-assemblies, the "Used Blow Machine" department offers the proposal to purchase the equipment, with the aim of completely dismantling and reassembling it with new parts. After the refurbishment and rebuilding, Sincropet offers this blowing machine to be sold, with many technological innovations, adding new options to improve the operation, simplify operational tasks, to spend less energy, being able to blow all types of bottles from the lightest ones with 9.7 grams to 500ml, up to the heaviest of 104 grams for 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter returnable soft drink bottles. This work goes hand in hand with our willingness to contribute to sustainability, thus avoiding wasted energy and lowering the costs of the end customer.
  3. Stop and scrap blowing machines - are those that no longer have conditions of use. In this case, the department of "Used blowing machines for sale" sends a purchase proposal. After acquiring it, Sincropet performs a complete dismantling of the machine, recovers structural parts, eliminates all possible rust, then reassembles it with structural items and new parts, using the latest Sincropet Phoenix technology, makes it available for sale . This machine has optimized conditions of use, lasting for approximately 20 years.

Sincropet is not a licensee of sidel ® .

Our SINCROPET spare parts do not originate from the original Sidel® manufacturers.
Our parts are manufactured in Brazil, for local and international resale.

Sincropet Parts and Services are neither approved nor authorized by sidel ®.

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