Areas of expertise

Your market is our field of excellence.

Sincropet offers solutions for a wide range of liquid products.

Our experience and leadership capabilities are applicable across multiple industries, as follows:

Water, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, isotonic drinks, energy drinks, teas, wines, distillates, food products such as oil, olive oil, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and salad dressings. Liquid products for Hygiene and personal care.

So, whatever your industry, we are ready to support you at every step of your industrial process, from Planning your product line, packaging design, to the best Lay-Out for your plant and optimization of its manufacturing area.

Our services help you create resilient, lightweight packaging for innovative, attractive and effective packaging that maximizes the integrity and longevity of your products and provides the best solution to your challenges.

Read more about our offers for different markets:

Mission, vision and values

  • Water
    • The natural flavor you expect.

      If your biggest goal is to pack water in a sustainable and profitable way, Sincropet can help you.

      Our bottle weight reduction technology ensures the use of as little plastic as possible to produce robust and innovative bottles. PET, a recyclable material, is flexible and easy to use, and ensures filling accuracy without waste.

      We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the energy consumption of your production and therefore reduce your costs. For example, our blower machine admirably operates with a motor of only 3 HP of power.

      We design our specialized solutions to ensure an integral quality and allow the production of sizes and sizes of bottles that reflect your brand. Juices, Nectars, Refreshments, Isotonic and Teas Juices, Nectars, Refreshments, Isotonics and Teas.

      Preserving the taste and safety of the drink every day more and more consumers are looking for natural drinks.

      In response to this demand, Sincropet proposes bottle solutions that protect the integrity of soft drinks, juices, nectars, isotonics and teas. And all this, without prejudice to the organoleptic properties and protecting the product from the effects of light, oxygen and temperature. We also offer our in-house expertise, which will accompany you at every step, from developing the packaging to filling and distributing the product.

      In this way, we ensure that your products are being processed with all security.

      Our technologies maintain the quality and flavor of your products. Our technical team began in 1988 with the manufacture of blowing machines for plastic PET bottles, and this is reflected in many successful projects in Brazil and South America.

  • Carbonated Drinks
    • Pretty and bubbly always!

      Regardless of how they might be called in your area - sodas, sodas, tonic or simply fizzy drinks - these beverages do not contain alcohol and are typically made with water, sugar (or a substitute), and flavoring.

      At Sincropet, we understand your need for flexibility, so our complete line of blowing machines for carbonated drinks guarantees a rapid change of format, versatility of processing different types and sizes of bottles, from 170 ml to 3.3 Liters, from single bottles to super-sophisticated bottles to handle the multiplicity of items in your product line and markets.

      Our range of PET solutions, we help you maintain the quality excellence of your drinks at the lowest production costs. Our solutions to keep your product competitive is to develop high speed machines to ensure maximum productivity with the least cost of corrective and preventive maintenance. In parallel, all our equipment is designed to optimize the use of energy, water and chemicals, helping to minimize the environmental impact.

  • Distillates
    • Packaged to please!

      Distillates are a category with a wide range of possibilities.

      We can help you in every step, from the design of the bottle, to the selection of blowing equipment suited to your industrial needs, to guide the adaptation and integration of the same in a complete and fully functional production line.

      Distillates are beverages usually packaged in glass or PET containers.

      Both packages are 100% recyclable. For PET, our solutions and know-how in any of these categories can help you better meet the needs of your business. We offer study and planning services for the integration of partial lines, reallocation and modification of lines, using the latest engineering technologies. We also offer efficiency improvement services for existing lines in this segment. To get the best from your line of distillates, check out our equipment offerings.

  • Food Products
    • Sincropet offers solutions for packaging a wide range of food products

      Oils for food, sauces in general, condiments, baby food, jellies, honey, etc.

  • Home and Personal Care (FHPC)
    • Products for Home and Personal Care, preserve the quality of the product.

      Sincropet offers solutions for packaging a wide range of products for home and personal care, such as:

      Shampoos, detergents, softeners, disinfectants, alcohol and liquid soaps