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We are Manufacturers of blowing machines.

Sincropet is a pioneer among the "Manufacturers of blowing machines" in Brazil, offering customized and differentiated solutions. Composed of a team of super specialized professionals, we are always ready to offer excellence in technical assistance services, with the highest quality in parts, mounted on the blowers or employed in our technical assistance in small, medium and large companies in the segment of plastic bottles PET. In our inventory, we have national and imported parts, being of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and electronic origin.

A large percentage of our staff has been present in this market since 1988, Sincropet is one of the "Manufacturers of blowing machines" that has the fundamental commitment of total partnership with its customers, from the manufacture of new automatic rotary blowing machines, to the availability in shifts for timely and efficient technical assistance.

Efficiency proven by the Embanews 2015 Magazine Award, as the best blowing machine manufactured in Brazil, Sincropet guarantees machines with durability for more than 20 years, even working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The most productive among "Manufacturers of blowing machines", Sincropet offers minimal cost of ownership, and has conquered new systems and advances for this market. It is recognized by the market as one of the best among "Blow Machine Manufacturers", developing the most efficient machines in the segment, among them the new Sincropet Phoenix blower machines model SP6 / 6, with production capacity for 7,200 PET bottles per hour and the Sincropet Phoenix blower machine model SP10 / 10, with capacity to produce 12,000 PET bottles per hour.

See below for key innovative features for blowing all kinds of sophisticated PET bottles from ultralight to heavier and returnable bottles of 150ml to 3.30 liters:

  • It allows the feeding of preforms of low weight, as for example of 9.7 grams to blow 500 ml.
  • It allows to work with preform of thick wall, type High Stress, which are ideal for low weight, thus reducing the consumption of electric energy.
  • Allows to work with preforms of light finish (Mini Type).
  • Allows you to monitor with greater performance the heating function of IR lamps, able to regulate the ideal temperature for the blow, even with the increase of temperature during the day, or with the reduction at dawn, this feature adapts the heating to obtain the perfect temperature and ideal for blowing bottle recipe, limiting close to 0.3% blowing of defective bottles, as well as wasting less energy to blow them.
  • It allows to work with better regulation in the pre-blow and fast cooling of the blown bottles.
  • Allows to optimize the consumption of High Pressure Air.
  • It allows you to work with an internal network, bringing and bringing information to the CPU quickly and accurately. With some options, it is possible to extract productivity reports, find operator faults, employee efficiency statistics.

We Do Improvement Study

Sincropet helps the customer with improvement study on their current bottles, being able to try to reduce weights or improve Design, or even increase the resistance of bottles. We also help in the piloting of new bottles, the manufacture of the molds as well as the necessary resources in the blowers of the client to be able to blow the new formats. We can say that we have successful clients, with awards, in the Mineral water, gasification, food, salad dressing, juice, distilled beverages, wines, edible oils, cleaning products and personal hygiene.

See below the 10 qualities that make Sincropet among the best "Manufacturers of blowing machines", ensuring high performance.

  1. Rotary blowing machine that offers simulated electronics, with Analog / Digital capability, ready to blow all types of complex PET plastic bottles. Perfect distribution of the material, with high rate of bio orientation of the preforms. Reinforced IR oven to avoid wasting energy.
  2. Mechanical operation, which guarantees simplicity of operation, fidelity in the repetition of cycles with high quality, low dependence on labor. Low cost of maintenance, in addition to using mechanical labor, dispenses with the need for Mechatronics.
  3. Possibilities of reforms and technological upgrades by Sincropet. "There is no assembly of encrypted components", guaranteeing easy and fast maintenance.
  4. Machine 100% automatic and well adapted to the Brazilian conditions of fluctuation in the power supply.
  5. Possibility of Up-grade through reforms, in case the client wants to add the evolutions and technological innovations that Sincropet develop after the acquisition of the machine.
  6. Very low consumption of electricity (Controls via Scaner, similar to the machines of the large multinationals of the first line. Ease of configuration with ultra rapid change of the molds.
  7. The machines refurbished by Sincropet can be financed in local currency via PROGEREM or Operational Leasing. The new machines manufactured by Sincropet have the possibility of financing via FINAME / BNDES.
  8. Machine with Analog / Digital technology, with internal network that ensures the transit of data through the network of Sensors, also guaranteeing the use of Latest Generation Digital HMI, which can store more than 280 recipes for blowing bottles.
  9. High index of nationalization in the machine, assembly of local components, in throne of 85%, reducing dependence on imports.
  10. High safety level machine with NR10 and NR12 standards, required in Brazil and important in any place of use. In this machine, we reduced the hose assembly to the maximum and replaced it with tubes made of stainless steel, eliminating the possibility of rupture and increasing the safety degree of the blower.
  11. In addition to all the above features, we can still offer machine technology for bottles with Hot Filling.
  12. We can say against all this that Sincropet always offers the best among "blowing machine manufacturers".
  13. Our professionals have a respected experience in this branch, are always attentive to the market of "Manufacturers of blowing machines" looking for alternatives that minimize costs with greater productivity.

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