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SincroPet - Plastic Packaging PET


Sincropet began its activities in 2002, with the goal of conquering clients by offering services, Blow Machines Tropicalizations, remodeling equipment and quality spare parts in a personalized way. Throughout this period, Sincropet has contributed to the success of the activities of customers, and the biggest difference was offering them innovative solutions, assured quality and attractive price.

Sincropet Synchro's greatest concern is to act in sync with the needs of the customers and for this the commitment of the highly qualified technical staff stands out. Technological innovations are incorporated into the solutions in a creative way and extend to the final application and maintenance.

The service structure has technical support, pre-sale advising, guiding and offering solutions and after sales technical support for installation, transfer and retrofit of machines.


"In the world of PET bottles, the concept of" single size "and" single weight "are outdated. Consumers want to be considered as unique people and have access to personalized products, depending on the place of sale and the event, the liquid must contain the same quality of taste, but with different formats and thicknesses.

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