"In the world of PET bottles, the concept of" single size "and" single weight "are outdated. Consumers want to be considered as unique people and have access to personalized products, depending on the place of sale and the event, the liquid must contain the same quality of taste, but with different formats and thicknesses.

Sincropet is a pioneer in providing solutions for PET Plastic Bottles. Our team has a wide experience since 1988 in this segment, we are also the matrix force for the solution of the most challenging technical projects, acting with professionalism in small, medium and large companies. Our commitment is to be the most dedicated, always present and accessible partner in times of need in maintenance, change or breaking Paradigms; Efficient and reliable for our customers, offering sustainable solutions for the PET Bottles industry.

Our goal is to add value to our customers by offering them our Know How with advanced engineering, providing the customized solution that meets exactly your expectations. We do this through reliable and flexible production systems that easily adapt to market developments and new technologies, backed by super-high-end services. customized solution that meets exactly your expectations.

What is important to us?

We are guided by passion in everything we do and we have the STRENGTH OF EXPERIENCE.

Mission, vision and values

  • Our Mission
    • SINCROPET is a company that cares a lot about valuing the "Human Being", from the chain of our employees, suppliers to our clients, ethics is always in the foreground for us, and we are very proud to inspire the continuous human and technological development of the entire chain of employees, promoting our work in a motivating and innovative environment, very pleasant, where we seek every day a new technical overcoming.

      Our commitment is to be the most innovative, efficient and reliable partner of our customers, offering sustainable solutions that will sustain the sustainable growth of our company and our customers' Plastic Bottles industries.

      We are the FORCE OF EXPERIENCE in Blow Molding Machines for PET Plastic Bottles, providing excellent and innovative solutions. We challenge our staff to be constantly on the cutting edge of technology and delivering outstanding services in order to provide our customers with the means to achieve a more sustainable, efficient and effective business.

  • Our Vision
    • Our vision keeps us focused on studying all the characteristics of our customers' market. We seek to find new trends for the future and to be always faithful to long-term ambitions in partnership with our clients, growing together, guiding us and inspiring us to realize our potential and keep us moving, improving our business and optimizing our processes , so that we can be High Tech in our business. We always want to be the island of excellence for our clients, battling with them to achieve their most difficult and audacious projects.

  • Values
    • Passion is at the heart of our values ​​and is applied at all times in our workplace, from our desire to create the best products to the respect we have for our fellow employees, suppliers and customers. SINCROPET is concerned with the environment and in developing sustainable machinery for the environment. We pride ourselves on being able to recycle and rebuild Blow Molding Machines for several years of use, transforming an obsolete and rusting machine into a new machine, with high efficiency, this UP-GRADE makes this blowing machine scrap again active and productive without need to generate a new production and to pollute the environment, thus reducing the environmental residue.

      What do we believe in?

      • Ethic.
      • Trust and respect.
      • Reliable teamwork.
      • Willingness to serve.
      • Commitment and commitment.
      • Continuous improvement.
      • High performance and competent staff.
      • Provide high performance in Blow Equipment.

Discover Sincropet and Proven Possibilities

Sincropet adds everything in technique and provides a lower total cost of ownership. The new Sincropet system challenges the conventions of PET production. By being in tune with a constantly changing market, POENIX Blower seeks to meet the demands of the highest quality and most productive bottle manufacturers with a revolutionary level of process flexibility and achieving the high performance expected of Sincropet Phoenix, which provides proven results.

Proven possibilities:

Many proven possibilities can do more for your business.

It is necessary to synchronize all the essential peripherals of a production line, the combination of the proven experience of Sincropet, having carried out worldwide projects of absolute technical success in all types of bottles and industrial plants in Brazil and South America. since 1988 working with PET help create the design changes that make our Sincropet Phoenix Blow Molding Machine the best cost-benefit for the world of PET Plastic Bottle manufacturers.

Sincropet Phoenix provides greater line flexibility, easy process setup, product integrity, unquestionable efficiency with reliability in production planning, reduced consumption, and allows you to work at the lowest corrective and preventive maintenance cost regardless of the bottle to be produced. These proven possibilities are added to accompany a constantly changing market, enabling the efficiency and effectiveness of your company.

Efficiency of production

Sincropet Phoenix Blower provides the best time utilization, robustness, very stable line and much faster mold format changes, EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS PROVIDED BY THE MARKET.

Reduction in consumption

Very economical machines, with computers that adapt to the climate and humidity to generate only the necessary in heat blowing all type of PET Plastic Bottles with much economy.

Line flexibility

One of the largest number of possible bottle configurations for your industry line, which can be quickly changed by machine operators through process setup.

Product integrity and ultra-fast mold exchange.

Machine Safety

The equipment is provided with a number of safety items that provide for the integrity of operators such as door guards, electronic sensors and machine dismantlers in any risk or breakdown.