Parts Budgeting

We have an excellent inventory structure, range of spare parts for blowing machines, these parts can be machined, domestic shelf, and also imported.

We also have "Customization Kits, we have advanced engineering to realize customized conceptions, to follow and to suggest changes of mold exchange, to design and to develop changes that allow the viability of new formats of bottles or new projects, in order to maximize the efficiency and the effectiveness of the PET plastic industries.

Service Budget

Through specialized labor, with appropriate experiences by type of need, corrective or preventive, we manage your projects under our responsibility, and we can reduce your costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your line of PET Plastic bottles.

Reform Budget

Reforms and reconstructions of equipment: With extensive experience in this area, our team draws up budgets, accompanies and reforms its blowing equipment, updating sub-assemblies in order to enable a rehabilitation, modernization of its equipment, increasing "operational performance".

We have stock for Resale Equipment for Blow Reformed Equipment, with "guarantee" and with yield of 98% of production, of various production capacities, including special process machines, such as, 5 L Gallons, Light Weight Bottles with facilities for RECYCLING.

We offer Industrial Reforms of old Equipment of Sopro sidel ® and SINCROPET, offering Up-Grade and contributing to Sustainability.

Budget of Blow Molding Machines

SINCROPET is always challenging the limits of technology, manufacturing Durable Mechanical Blow Molding Machines that deliver the best performances, delivering the best in cost benefit to our customers.

Maintenance Contracts

Keeping your lines tuned for maximum performance.

Do you want to increase your production capacity? Or are you worried that the current conditions of your machines could affect the quality of your products?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you simply want to better control your process and your production being more competitive, efficient and efficient, Sincropet's maintenance contract is your best choice.

We offer several maintenance packages: These are personalized service packages, lasting from 1 to 5 years. All packages include machine monitoring, transfer of know-how and experience, some modern elements of preventive maintenance, supply of spare parts in record time, logistics efficiency and condition monitoring. That way, we will be able to eliminate all your obstacles by re-establishing full production and you will be assured that the maintenance and performance of your machine and industrial plant are in good hands.

Sincropet is not a licensee of sidel ® .

Our SINCROPET spare parts do not originate from the original Sidel® manufacturers.
Our parts are manufactured in Brazil, for local and international resale.

Sincropet Parts and Services are neither approved nor authorized by sidel ®.