Our Products

A perfect solution for every need.

Acting since 2002 in the industrial sector for packaging Plasticas PET and working with small, medium and large customers, we have already implemented industrial plants in Brazil and throughout South America.

Our technical team is formed by experienced professionals, working since 1988, developing the work with competence and efficiency, from the assembly of blowing machines, process adjustment to preventive and corrective technical assistance.

At Sincropet, we always challenge our technology boundaries, create equipment to be the best in cost benefit in our industry and generate sustainable, mainly durable products that provide the best performance.

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  • Blowing Machines
    • A line of blowers that covers all customer needs.

      At Sincropet, we always challenge our technology limits, creating equipment to be the best in cost benefit in our industry and generate sustainable, and mainly durable, products of structural strength and mechanical performance that provide the best performances.

      With our wide experience in the market of Blow Molding Machines for PET Plastic bottles, our team has already implemented many successful projects in Brazil and South America.

      We have always been successful in getting all the details technically correct regarding the assembly and production of blowing machines for PET plastic bottles.

      Our team has always been involved in technical assistance, obtaining total satisfaction in the field, always looking for engineering solutions to eliminate all the flaws of the blowers of the clients. After many years of experience, our Engineering Department has sought to couple all solutions found in the field in recent years, launching our line of SINCROPET PHOENIX blowing machines.

      This line of blowers is already well known by the market as being the most durable machines, with easy technical parts assistance and abundant labor in the market. They can overcome the technical challenges, working 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, with high productivity in solutions for bottle sizes from 170ml up to 3,300ml, with reliable kinematics, ultra quick solutions for mold exchange, process customization kit exchange. They work with an HMI panel that can have network information that enables monitoring at remote stations.

      The result is the manufacture of bottles with the best quality within the highest percentage of efficiency and effectiveness, very low rates of defective bottles and control over their production, with the option of remote viewing and preparation of management reports.

  • Molds
    • Sincropet molding and packaging manufacturing centers are the bridge between design and the industrial phase.

      We can be your strong partner, capable of realizing your ideas, highlighting your products, reducing the time-to-market and creating the sense of surprise that can only be achieved with creativity and experience.

      From the sketches, Mock-Ups models, preliminary feasibility studies to the production of the mold up to the sample of your PET bottle.

      We are ready to support you at every stage of your process, always placing your product in the spotlight and more modern in relation to your competition.

      Our unique design and technical expertise coupled with our creative and innovative skills allow us to collaborate with you on all types of PET plastic bottle designs.

      We can create new designs, new formats, weight reduction and energy savings.

      In relation to your packaging development, we guarantee flexibility, simplicity and appreciation of your brand.

      We use our experience in bottle packaging and bottle design to customize your solution that is great for your customers and that respects your production requirements, even bothering to do it with a lot of SUSTAINABILITY.

      Our goal is to provide the ideal balance between aesthetics, food safety, performance and costs within the shortest possible timeframe.

      Our technical knowledge and our presence in Brazil and South America gives us an overview of the industrial processes of blowing PET Bottles. We will be with you always supporting you to overcome all your difficulties.

      We do the study and design, development of shape drawings, sample piloting and mold manufacturing under orders.

      In this area we can suggest the optimization of the weights of preforms / bottles, bi-orientation rates and the proper choice of the blowing process in the piloting of the manufactured molds. SINCROPET works in a technological partnership with Formold Tooling to offer them all the innovations of this technical and dynamic segment. WE MAKE ALTERNATIVE MOLDS FOR VARIOUS TECHNOLOGIES.

      Changing Customization Kits for New Molds.

      Implementation of customization kits for various technologies (Sidel ®, SIG, KRONES, MAG, SIPA, MULTIPET).

      We have a specialized engineering structure to elaborate products with customized designs, to accompany and to suggest changes in the moment of the change of molds, to design and to develop changes that allow to enable new formats of bottles & preforms, new finish taking to the final object => LIGHT WEIGHT.

      Sincropet is not a licensee of sidel ® .

      Our SINCROPET spare parts do not originate from the original Sidel® manufacturers.
      Our parts are manufactured in Brazil, for local and international resale.

      Sincropet Parts and Services are neither approved nor authorized by sidel ®.

    • We offer a quality spare parts stock structure, to meet our customers in Brazil & South America, we have families of machined parts and national and imported shelves to compose the range of your future needs.

      Examples: Tournetes chain parts generally, calipers, blow and stretch assemblies, bushings and bearings, sealing kits, V3V, nozzle cylinders, transfer arms, cams, mold carriers, defollers, toothed sector, door console molds, ruler CB2 IR oven, rateliers, blow nozzles etc ...

Our Accessories

SINCROPET has a line of advice to act in sync with its line of blow.

At Sincropet, we are always up-to-date on all the possibilities of reducing costs in the blowing lines, offering new accessories to act more efficiently with your blower.

Based on 11 years of experience, the Sincropet blower line can overcome all technical challenges, achieving up to 97% productivity, working 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, with solutions for each format, and rapid changes of molds, effective production flow and ultra fast adjustment in the process.

  • Preforms Elevators
    • Sincropet also manufactures preform elevators, regardless of the line of its blowing machine, and even if your machine is old, we can offer a technological Up-grade to reduce the number of workers required in the operation of your blower, enabling thus reducing costs in blowing lines.

  • Preform Joggers
    • Sincropet also has the manufacture of preform trolleys, regardless of the line of your blowing machine and even if your machine is old, we can offer this advice that could decrease the need for preform feed labor in your preform lift.

  • QGBT
    • Sincropet also has the manufacture of Low Voltage and Power Distribution General Frames for its plant, we can dimension the customer's need and elaborate the entire design and manufacture of the power distribution boards.