Value added services

Maintain and perfect your production line, ensuring the correct operation and aiming to maximize the life of your equipment.

After design and execution, we continue to pursue solutions to your daily challenges, provide a range of services to ensure that your production continues to run smoothly, we seek to minimize the excess noise and resonance in your blowing machine, we can still offer the The following services: training of your personnel, including our blower machine can be configured and controlled by network, with productivity reports according to your date parameter and number of blower in service in the field.

Thus, to keep your lines running properly over time, we offer tailored maintenance contracts, diagnostic visits for preventive and corrective maintenance, very practical online documentation, spare parts and overhaul services.

  • Equipment Reforms
    • Reformas e Equipamentos

      SINCROPET has extensive experience in the field of Blow Molding Repairs, our team accompanies and renovates its blowing equipment, updating sub-assemblies in order to enable a rehabilitation and improvement of operational performance.

      We have a specialized team, we offer workmanship for diagnostic visits, repairs in equipment and renovation in the client's plant.

      See the link below for the quality of the reform of a 16-cavity machine:

  • Engineering Service for Bottle Reform
    • Study of design, development of drawing of shapes, piloting of samples and manufacture of mold to order.

      In this area we can suggest the optimization of bottle weights, thickness distribution and the proper choice of the blowing process in the piloting of the manufactured molds.

  • Diagnostic Visits
    • Visit Mechanical & Electrical Diagnostic

      1st Visit: In this visit, it would be ideal to have contact with your machines in operation, in order to diagnose vibrations, high resonances and noises. At this stage, it is normal for technicians to diagnose only the major defect, and the main causes that cause operational defects are noted. We will endeavor to locate the "sequential defects", recommend your solution and resolve the problem in a scheduled shutdown, in agreement between the parties.

      2nd Visit: It will be done with the machines out of operation, in order to visualize gaps and worn mechanical parts. After these DVs will be generated Technical Reports and Estimated Budgets of the parts and parties involved in the respective reforms.

  • Kits of Personalization Parts
    • We have advanced engineering to realize customized conceptions, to accompany and to suggest changes of mold exchanges, to design and to develop changes in the pieces of the blowing machine that allow the viability of new formats of bottles or new shapes.

  • Consultancy for your design of PET bottles and packaging
    • We can offer advice and study to your volumetric fillers line to meet your capacity requirements as well as the plant configuration and the desired speeds of PET bottle production.